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Development on the 2nd edition of The Frontier is progressing… very slowly. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek at some of the finalised content! My comments are in italics.

The Bodyguard

Bee-Ash Mountains by BadLuckArt licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 / Scaled down from original

Bee-Ash Mountains by BadLuckArt licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 / Scaled down from original

The Bodyguard is one of the disciplines available for the game’s Merc class. Each of the three playable character classes (Merc, Shadow and Psion) can be customised by selecting which disciplines your character is going to specialise in, so that no two Mercs need be the same. Each discipline provides 10 talents, available at different character levels, which have been designed to fit a central theme. In the case of the Bodyguard, this theme is protecting your teammates and preventing enemies from getting their hands on your physically weaker friends. This is the Captain America equivalent of The Frontier!


  • Signature: Guardian angel
  • Level 1: Avenging angel, Comeback, No retreat
  • Level 10: Line of duty, None shall pass, Shield beam
  • Level 20: Force field, Rough tackler
  • Level 30: Umbrella shield

The listabove summarises the talents provided by the Bodyguard at various levels. Note that the discipline provides talents up to level 30, while your character can develop up to level 50. This will give you more than enough room to max out the Bodyguard and dip in another discipline. Or you might prefer a “jack of all trades” approach and dabble in several different disciplines. It’s really up to you.

Avenging angel

After using Guardian angel, you gain a +2 attack and damage bonus against your teammates’ attacker for 2 rounds.

Taking a bullet for your teammates is a good thing. Seeing that bad guys get their comeuppance is even better.


Your shield rolls +1 die for recharge rolls. If you have 8+ Bodyguard ranks, this benefit extends to all teammates in your zone.

If you’re going to use Guardian angel a lot, it’s best to dump all that soaked damage on your shield rather than your Health. This means having a shield that can recharge fast enough when it’s given the chance. Get skilled enough and you can pass this benefit to any teammate close enough – always appreciated.

Force field

Spend 2 Stamina as a 3-Swiftness action to raise an invisible wall of pure force between 2 zones that lie up to 3 zones away. The force field prevents movement between those zones (including yours and that of teammates), but cannot block enemies who can fly, and stops any ranged attacks (which deal their damage on the field). It is automatically hit by attacks targeting and has Health equal to your level. The field lasts as long as it has any Health remaining, but you can dismiss it as a free action. This talent can be used multiple times to create several simultaneous force fields, but a field cannot be stacked on top of another.

The ultimate in enemy-stopping abilities. A strategically-placed force field can stop an enemy advance cold, especially when used to block narrow openings. Or you could divide the enemy force, letting you deal with only a few of them at a time. It’s also quite good as a purely defensive screen, since it can absorb quite a lot of damage from heavy weapons before it goes down.

Guardian angel

When a teammate in your zone is hit, you can take part or all of the damage inflicted on them. Taking all the damage will also mean suffering from any other special effects the attack may have. You cannot protect teammates against area-effect attacks.

A discipline’s signature talent often shows what the entire discipline is all about. Guardian angel is all about duty and sacrifice; taking a hit so your weaker comrades can stay in the fight.

Line of duty

Spend 1 Stamina when using Guardian angel to halve the damage you suffer.

You’re crazy enough to jump in the way of bullets, nobody said you have to also be suicidal about it. This is one of the discipline’s best talents, for obvious reasons.

No retreat

You gain a +1 bonus to all rolls made to block enemies or to resist being blocked. This bonus increases by +1 at 5+ and 8+ Bodyguard ranks. Spend 1 Stamina to add 1E to such d20 rolls.

Controlling the battlefield is almost as important as protecting your teammates. This talent makes you oh so much better at blocking enemies, preventing them from moving close enough to you and your protégés. Excellent against melee combatants.

None shall pass

Spend 1 Stamina as a free reaction to guard the passage between your zone and an adjacent zone for 1 round.

Continuing from No retreat, this talent will come handy when you’re faced with an advancing horde, as it lets you try to block all enemies trying to come through a specific passage. Use it in doors, gateways and other narrow entrances for the best effect.

Rough tackler

When you successfully block an enemy, they suffer physical damage equal to half your Muscles.

Since half of being a Bodyguard is about stopping enemies, you might as well kick some ass while doing it.

Shield beam

Take a 1-Swiftness action to transfer any portion of your shield’s Capacity to the shield of a teammate within 2 zones (up to the max Capacity it can hold). If you have 8+ Bodyguard ranks, the range is extended to 4 zones.

You can’t protect everyone at once, or can you? This nifty talent will help you replenish the shield of teammates stranded in other zones. Hopefully that will be enough until you can reach them.

Umbrella shield

Spend 3 Stamina as a 3-Swiftness action to raise a shield protecting you and all teammates within your zone from outside attacks; it is centred on you and moves along with you. The umbrella shield has 5 Capacity for every 10 levels you have and does not recharge. It only protects against attacks originating from outside your zone. Such attacks hit the umbrella shield automatically and damage its Capacity. The effect expires when the umbrella shield’s Capacity is reduced to 0.

The Bodyguard’s capstone talent emphasises the protective nature of the discipline. It’s an excellent emergency measure when everyone’s shields are running low. With a couple of good blockers in the team, enemies can be kept away until the team can mount a counterattack.

And this is the Bodyguard! Stay tuned for more updates about the Frontier.

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  1. I’m glad to hear you’re still working on the game. I very much liked the first edition and hyped about you have in store for us in the future.
    Keep it up

    • Yep, still toiling… I won’t lie, I’ve actually thought about abandoning it more than once, but I’m being stubborn. Slowly but surely I’ll get there…

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